samedi 22 avril 2017

Remember (Shimmerz Paints)

Dear crafty friends,

It's my turn today to share my second inspiration for Shimmerz Paints. I created a vintage layout called «Remember». Here it is.

On the picture, my father's parents with seven of his older siblings. 

After a coat of clear gesso, I used a stencil with Salt of the Earth Paste-Eez. I love the matte finish on this texture paste. I dried it with my heat tool.

To add colors, I used Glorious Day Vibez, Don't Be Suede Coloringz and See Ya Latte' Spritz. For each color, I proceed the same way: I dipped my paint brush in the ink and flickered some color here and there and then, dried it with a heat tool.

I used some Oh Fudge AcriTonez to paint my squared chipboards pieces (the Checkerboard Clumps and the Messy Square Frame from 2Crafty Chipboard).

Finally, I covered my title piece (the «Remember» word that comes in the Friendship Mini Word Pack from 2Crafty Chipboard) with white gesso and when it was dried, I painted it with Glorious Day Vibez. 

You like what I have used and would like to get your hands on the products ? Visit the Shimmerz Store to see all the gorgeous colors in the many ranges on offer!

Thanks for visiting and don’t forget to mention my name when placing your order to get a free product. 

vendredi 21 avril 2017

This Girl (2Crafty Chipboard)

Hi, crafty souls,

I'm sharing my second layout for 2Crafty this month.

This Girl

My layout features my daughter. I can't believe how fast she grew up: she's already reading!

On my background, I used some clear gesso all over. (I forgot to show this step in the video tutorial, sorry!) I then spread some white gesso to create the area where I'll spread some color.

Some modeling paste, shimmering paints, sprays, stamps and ink were used to create the background.

My main composition is built around the beautiful Ava's Frames piece. I painted it with purple metallic acrylic paint.

I used flowers, die-cuts leaves and flair badges to embellish my layout.

I thought it looked good, but I wanted to add another piece of chipboard, painted in blue metallic acrylic paint, this time, so I went for one Heart Charms piece.

I placed it towards the bottom of my picture. All around the main cluster, I used some micro beads, some glass glitter and other mica flakes to add texture.

My title piece is the This Girl chipboard, which I painted with the same purple metallic acrylic paint that I used before.

I made a video tutorial to share my creating process with you. I hope you enjoy it.

2Crafty products used:
Heart Charms
Ava's Frames
This Girl

Thanks so much for stopping by today.

mercredi 19 avril 2017

Treasure (2 Crafty Chipboard)

My dear crafty friends,

It's my turn today to share my April inspirations here on the 2Crafty blog. I don't know why, I seem to gravitate towards purple this month. My first layout is called «Treasure» and it showcase an old picture of my father when he was about 16 years old.


I used clear gesso to cover the whole background paper. Then, I used two shades of metallic acrylic paint. When everything was dry, I used black archival ink to stamp some numbers and some checkered patterns. I finally used black modeling paste through a square stencil.

To anchor my composition, I used some of the 6'' Clock Face Frames, which I embossed with purple embossing powder.

Here and there, under my clusters, I scattered some of the Checkerboard Clumps pieces, that were embossed in black.

At the end, I used some micro beads to my background, and some embellishments.

My title piece, the word «Treasure», is from the Mini Word Set 1. I embossed it in copper.

2Crafty products used:
Checkerboard Clumps
6'' Clock Face Frames
Mini Word Set 1

Thanks so much for stopping by today.

samedi 15 avril 2017

Beautiful (Words & Paintery)

Hi crafty friends,

I'm here today to share my new layout for Words & Paintery.

Here is the board:

A few close-ups:

Thanks for stopping by.
Happy Easter!

jeudi 6 avril 2017

Pretty as a Picture (Shimmerz Paints)

Dear crafty souls,

I'm here today to share with you another layout I made with the most amazing mixed media products ever: Shimmerz Paints!

I don't know if I was in a bad mood, but I ended up creating a pretty dark layout. Lets take a look at it.

Pretty as a Picture

I started out my layout by adding some white gesso on the background in a roughly diamond shape.  I then added some Lava Flow Paste-Eez through a stencil. I love the dark lines it created.

Over the white gesso, I splattered some No One's Chrome Inklingz, some Before Dawn Vibez and some Hi Ho Silver Blingz. 

I chose a frame (the Frame Maria's from 2Crafty Chipboard) and I painted it with Gritty Graphite Texturez. I love the uneven look I got with the Texturez.

Over my frame, I laid an Ivy Clusters chipboard (2Crafty), which I painted with Shimmerz Tar, Tar AcriTonez. I love the black against the background and the Gritty Graphite chipboard.

I also painted my title piece (Pretty as a Picture, from 2Crafty Chipboard) with Shimmerz Tar, Tar AcriTonez, but I dry brushed some No One's Chrome Inklingz over the edges to make it stand out a bit more.

Shimmerz products used:
Lava Flow Paste-Eez
Gritty Graphite Texturez
No One's Chrome Inklingz
Shimmerz Tar, Tar AcriTonez
Before Dawn Vibez
Hi Ho Silver Blingz

2Crafty Chipboard products used:
Frame Maria's
Ivy Clusters
Pretty as a Picture

You like what I have used and would like to get your hands on the products ? Visit the Shimmerz Store to see all the gorgeous colors in the many ranges on offer!

Thanks for visiting and don’t forget to mention my name when placing your order to get a free product. 

Have a nice day.

mardi 21 mars 2017

Moment (2Crafty Chipboard)

Hi, my crafty friends,

For my second 2Crafty Chipboard layout this month, I went a bit wild. Lets take a look at it.


I wanted this layout to be grunge and rusty, to go with the face of my little man on the picture. He looks so grumpy!

I created a mixed media background using some black modeling paste through a stencil and some pigments to give the impression of rust that ran through the page. Then, I cut the Square Collage Panel into pieces that I adhered on both sides of the layout.

To make it more masculin, I added the Steampunk Gear Medium pieces on the left side. All my chipboards then were covered with rust paste. I can't tell you enough how I love the result! It's so... rusty! :)

A few flowers, some metal pieces and a fabric heart to embellish everything and my layout was pretty much done! All that there was missing was a title.

I choose the Moment Loopy Font piece, which I covered with black gesso.

2Crafty products used:
Square Collage Panel
Steampunk Gear Medium
Moment Loopy Font

I hope my layouts inspired you. Have a nice day!

dimanche 19 mars 2017

Love You (2Crafty)

Dear crafty friends,

I'm here today to share my first layout for 2Crafty this month. Lets take a look.

Love You

I created a mixed media background using mists, modeling paste and stamps. I kept it pretty soft, as I wanted my chipboard pieces to stand out. My main piece is the Ariel's Spray chipboard, which I placed along my picture. I really like the straight line on that piece: it goes so well against a photo! I embossed the Ariel's Spray with a blue embossing powder. 

I then scattered some Lattice Leaves here and there, following the design of the main chipboard piece. Those leaves, I embossed with a metallic green embossing powder. 

I really love how those leaves complement the design of the Ariel's Spray.

My title piece, the Love You title, is embossed with the same metallic green embossing powder. 

2Crafty products used:
Ariel's Spray
Lattice Leaves

Love You

Thanks for stoping by today. Come back in a few days as I will share my second layout for 2Crafty.